According to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Any Abuse Or Illegal Use of Mobile Messages are strictly prohibited. Before Starting to Our Service Read Our Terms & Condations. Any Misuse of our service will not be tolerated. If you are agree then start over.

Your Mobile Number & Recipient Mobile No. Should Be in 923001234567 Format.

BulkSmsPk is provider of reliable and quality free texting service to Pakistan. The service offers unlimited text messages to mobile subscribers in more and more countries at no cost, with no registration. There are too many application for business and individual uses and the service can work as long as the subscriber's mobile phone is able to receive text messages. The service is for everyone to use and it is very simple. People in many industry such as Energy, Telecommunications, Travel and Tourism, Education and Distance Learning can find a good use for it. Please have a go and tell your friends. There is no obligation.


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